Please Note: Our Sunday service times for the month of September are returning to normal at 9:00 in Italian and 11:00 in English.

AND, on the 1st of October, you are invited to the Auditorium Concordia of Pordenone to join us for a very special worship event called UNITE! This is our 2nd annual UNITE where we gather all of our SMG churches together in the north of Italy. There is childcare and the service is translated into English. Additionally, we will be having a book giveaway and a picnic afterwards in the park next door if you’d like to join us. Email us with the email at the top of this page if you’d like more information.
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Whether you are new here to the Aviano-Pordenone area or you have been here a while, our Serenissima family would like to share a very warm CIAO and BENVENUTO with you.

God has really done amazing things in our special family here in north Italia, and we want to share his joy with you. We first share his joy by recognizing that God wants to be personally known through the Bible. So, the Bible is our love letter from Heaven and our guide book to life. The Bible reveals Jesus who created every person with dignity. No matter what culture, ethnicity, or language background you come from, the Good News is for you, too! Then, God shares his joy and life with you through his special community — real people, really changed by the love of God, who really care about our cities and world as God asks us to do.

So, we are a church community here to serve you and serve God with you. If you have any questions, needs, or would like more information, please do not hesitate to write us here on our contact form.

Welcome to our region, and Serenissima (joy & peace) to you today!

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We will continue to provide a live link to our Sunday services in Italian at 9:00 and English at 11:00. We understand that for various reasons, you might have to quarantine for a short time and we desire to give you a way to keep connected, worship, and learn when you’re unable to join us in person.

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And here below is our live service link you can utilize to watch and listen in live on Sundays at 11:00 a.m.